What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

High quality orthodontic treatments have been our priority since opening in 1999. We keep a high tech savvy staff who each commit to several hours of continuing education courses and seminars yearly. This keeps us up-to-date with the newest techniques and skills in the field. We find it very exciting to learn about each new development and are always curious as to how it can make the treatments we offer more efficient and easier for our patients.

All the Comfort of Home

We have a wide open office that is warm and friendly. Our staff keep up on all patient achievements, making bulletin boards with them as the focal point.  We offer complimentary coffee and tea, have many windows to allow everyone to enjoy the gorgeous scenery around the office, and have separate waiting areas. We want adults to be able to relax after or before beginning a long day and children to be able to let loose and get some energy out constructively.

Fun Rewards

We believe that people should be rewarded for doing the right thing. The most important reward for following our instructions is a healthy and brilliant smile, but we offer other incentives along the way. One of these is our “Neal Notes.” They are a type of monetary reward that can be used for great prizes patients can earn by being on time, taking good care of their teeth, and even keeping up on school work. We also offer seasonal contests and events to shake things up.

Special Hours

We know how important education and school related activities are. We are also aware of the strain they can place on already hectic schedules. This is why we offer flexible scheduling with longer scheduled appointments available during the morning and later afternoon. We want our treatments to be as conveniently timed as possible so our patients can spend more time doing the activities that make them smile.

Digital Office

We not only love the advances in dentistry but also technology all around. We are happy to offer on-line services for making payments and appointments. Now, easier and more convenient than ever before. It is an optional method, and no matter what, our staff are on hand and ready to help with any part of scheduling or billing.

Emergency Availability

We always keep a certain amount of time each day set aside in case of emergencies. Of course, by their very nature, emergencies cannot be planned, but they can be planned for. Whenever an emergency occurs, patients can trust that we will be available to help. We are ready and waiting to help whenever patients experience severe pain or are unable to take care of an orthodontic appliance at home. They are often pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to temporarily relieve pain and find a quick fix until we can schedule an appointment to solve the issue permanently.

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